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The Road Ends in Milan 07.06.2015
Blog Extra: The Only Thing Worse Than A Clown Is A Mime 30.05.2015
The Hills of Genoa 30.05.2015
Pilgrims in Turin 29.05.2015
Nightwatchman's Tour and On To Italy 28.05.2015
The Only Thing We Saw at the Top of the Mountain Was White 27.05.2015
Swiss Chocolate, or the Day Patti Went Cuckoo 26.05.2015
On To Rainy Switzerland 25.05.2015
Crowds, Crowds and More Crowds (and a Clown) 24.05.2015
Sainte Chapelle and Two Museums 23.05.2015
I Did Not Come All The Way To Paris To See Clowns! 22.05.2015
Number 10! 20.05.2015